Being snowboarders and all, we love snow. And we're betting as you're here, that you do too...

There's very little better than checking the weather report and seeing that there's just been a fresh dump and you're set for blue skies all week, however rare an occurrence that might be.

But when it's not been snowing, or not snowing enough. What do you do as a resort? Accept that it's off season, or that we're continually buggering the planet, and so probably getting our just deserts? Try and find more environmentally friendly ways of working with what you've got?

Or, as TechnoAlpin seem to be suggesting in the video above, say 'fuck it' and force winter to happen even when it's not cold enough for your existing snowblowers? That's where the money's at, after all.

We know none of us are guilt free when it comes to carbon footprints, but the repeated 'boost your profits' mantra in this seems all kinds of messed up.