We think that this is a great idea., the folk famed for documenting many of the events, have developed a new concept of UK shred flicks where you are the filmer. Basically, they are looking for as many riders as possible to film throughout their seasons and then send it into Gonzilla so they can arrange and edit all the footage and combine it into a full length movie.

As co-founder James Haggerty says: "We can't get to all these places in the mountains over the season and we really want to make a UK movie that reflected UK snowboarding over a winter season." The edits sent in will need to be of good quality and shouldn't focus compeletely on the riding, as the aim of the movie is to give an insight into the day to day lives of British snowboarders over a winter.

This film is a great opportunity for any budding shredders, filmers, editors or funnymen who are knocking about and want some exposure. It will also be rad to have another full length UK movie released as the British shred flick scene has been relatively quiet since the disollution of Lockdown Projects in 2007.

Check out the video above to get more info from James and Sean Miller and get filming! Also check out the website.