The Austrian web site Planet Tirol are running their mini-vid competition. The Spot check comp wants all you talented Boarding (and Skiing , but they don't count really) chaps and chappesses to strap on your gnar boots and head to just one of your favourite spots in the Tirol area and stick together a cheeky 60 second clip (that's just one of your finest Austrian minutes). Then head to and upload your efforts. Pack in the riding, make it sick and make it look sexy as hell and you are looking at a chance to win a Tirol Snow card for next season, 2010/11 and some badass super speed camera jobbies from Casio. On top of that the Dudes from Shralp! are going to choose their favourite and air it on April 18th.

All Uploads have to be in by March 31st and the videos will be judged by online vote from 1-15th of April.