Rider: Jonaven Morre  /  Photographer: Jeff Patterson  /  Location: Revelstoke, Canada

Learn to ride anything and everything that comes your way together with the most dedicated riders on the planet at the Brotherhood Snowboard Camps by Peter Strom. Peter Strom is this summer introducing the Brotherhood Snowboard Camps in Les Deux Alpes. A camp that will set a new standard and carry on the true snowboarding spirit like an Olympic torch. Brotherhood Snowboard Camps will represent true snowboarding to the fullest, run by the biggest shred sharkz on the planet. Learn to ride anything and everything that comes your way, treeĀ“s wall-rides, pipe parks, cars and more. Innovative riding wherever you ride, no matter weather and snow conditions. Together with Marika Borg from Girlie Camps, who created the Battle, one of the most recognized snowboard events in the world, Peter Strom will deliver a camp based on the true spirit of snowboarding.

Brotherhood Snowboard Camps 2009 4 July-11 July 2009 Les Deux Alpes (France) Brotherhoodcamps.com