So we're now past the halfway point on our 4 legged beast of a rail jam tour and we're not planning on slowing down any time soon. The last two stops at Hemel and Milton Keynes could very well be two of the biggest and to say we're biting our nails with apprehension is an understatement - even more so when Alex Tank will be in attendance shredding the rails and scouting for one talented UK jibber to invite out to this season's Head Jib Factory. We've just been sent the park plan and it's looking rather boshty to say the least:

Not only is there a mini street box plaza at the top of the run but the main central part of the slope has been dedicated to a mystery street-rail plaza feature. No guesses as to which rail will be appearing somewhere in that then... There's also a really nice mix of smaller features to throw your tricks on. We're particularly excited to have a go on the Ride Rail hip thingy - always good having a bit of transition to land in!

UPDATE: We've just been sent this snap of tonight's plaza setup. Now we'd heard Hemel were going all out with their setup but we literally had no idea... Bear Mountain anyone?

If you're in need of any more persuasion don't forget that we've got £700 in prize money to give away on top of four brand spanking new iON action cameras as well as a ton of spot prizes from all of our other sponsors. Check out the highlights from the Castleford leg of the tour if you haven't already. See y'all tomorrow at 6.30!