As we reported a few days ago, Nike have gone and built an insane new park in Montafon, Austria. This private freestyle facility is currently playing host to the national winners of their 'Chosen' series (in the UK's case, Andy Nudds) alongside a galaxy of international swoosh stars, including Gigi Rüf, Nicolas Müller, Scotty Lago, Halldor Helgason and Jamie Nicholls. The second daily session saw attention switch to the skate-style snow bowl - carefully shaped by the local crew complete with ladder, channels and a diving board! Needless to say things have been getting a bit dogtown: according to the press release, "Nico Muller turned up and dropped straight in to a trademark super stylish bowl-to-bowl method, Peetu Piiroinen found a line over the top of the wall and Jamie Nicholls launched a one man demonstration of how to make eyes pop with an insane transfer from the cone over to the opposite wall." Nice to hear Jamie's been holding it down for 'Z Boys'. Ahem. I'll get my coat.