After a mad few months, dashing round to the far corners of Europe, the Nike Chosen Series came to it's ninth and final stop in Norway last week. It seemed it was a case of saving the best 'til last as the Vinterpark in Tryvann, Oslo, which saw probably the highest standard of riding yet.

The level was incredibly high, with the Norwegians throwing down doubles, corks and switch backside spins all over the shop. In the end it was 20 year old Jørn Simen Aabøe who took the final golden ticket to represent Norway at the Nike Chosen Series final in April. The local threw down a deep bag if tricks, including a massive switch BS12 double cork mute (or are we calling it a back 12 these days, Henry Jackson?) and a double backflip late 180.

Kristin Stubberud was the top female for some big ol' tweaked grabs while Even Brekke from nearby Oslo claimed Best Style with a BS Rodeo 5 Indy, Backside 5 Shifty and a Frontside Corked 7. Finally, Jonas Steen took Most Creative with a Switch Backside 7, Backside Double Cork 12 and a Cab 10.

With that, the Nike Chosen Series drew to a close, with all the riders for the final confirmed. That means that our Andy Nudds will be joined by Joel Anderson (Sweden), Daniel Reichegger (Italy), Markus Mathis (Switzerland), Felix Georgii (Germany), Enzo Nilo (France), Bernat Ripoll (Spain), Stephan Wimmer (Austria) and Jørn Simen Aabøe (Norway). Could be the lineup for the EU parliament, should be sick!