Prizes up for grabs.

1st - £500 + Qualification to the European finals at Nike 6.0 Air & Style 12th Feb, Munich (Incl travel and accommodation)

2nd - £250

3rd - £150

There will also be an opportunity to ride in the open session for a recession beating fee of £10! Bands and DJs will play throughout the evening on the snow as well as special guest performances at the after party. Spaces are limited for the discounted park session and available on a first come first served basis.

If your interested to know who your up against this Friday click below for the full list.

Ollie Dutton

Jonny Russel

James Carr

Neil Campbell

Pat Hobson

Tom 'smithy' Smith

Andy Nudds

Simon Foster

Ben Rumney

Will Smith

George Wooley

Matt Macwhirter

Tom Guilmard

Jordy Gee

Oliver Waters

Cody Hierons

Matt Higson

Tom Hunt

Reece Gould

Billy Morgan

Gazza Andrews

Connor Carey

Emily Williams

Lynsey Ashdown

Alice Blake

Marc McClement

John Weatherley

Danny McCormick

Pete Meadows

Wayne Taylor

Joshua 'JP' Ainger