The British Indoor Championships has become a bit of a staple in the UK indoor competition calendar, attracting some of our best jibbers to SNO!zone Castleford for its open format box and rail comp. Last year the event underwent a bit of an overhaul and the forthcoming 2012 edition is set to continue that trend, with another new spin on the competition format to keep things fresh and exciting.

In an extension of last year’s ‘box line’ and ‘rail line,’ this year’s course will be split into four ‘zones,’ presumably of increasing difficulty. Initially all competitors will session the whole course for an hour and a half before the field is halved. Those making the cut will then session each of the four zones in turn, with the field being subsequently sliced in half after each jam until the finalists are placed - kind of like this: (insert graph of exponential radioactive decay here).

If this is all a bit too cutthroat for some of the younger shredders there will also be a more traditional ‘2 runs – best run counts’ competition for kids (born 2000 or later) and youth (born 1997 or later). These runs will take place before the main jam, which of course the kids are invited to take part in as well.

We reckon this is a pretty rad new spin on the competition and we look forward to seeing how it all unfolds. For more info and pre-registration head to the flashy new Brits website.