FLi, the guys who run distibution for Electric and O'Neal (motocross gear), had their van broken into on Friday night and had a load of 2010 gear nicked. The dopey crooks whodunnit were caught on CCTV and FLi are looking for anything else they can get to catch the dirty rotters and obviously get the gear back, as a lot of it isn't released in the UK yet.

These crooks were a bit of a bunch of plonkers as lots of the stuff is one of a pair such as knee pads... so if any of you guys out there are searching for one replacement kneepad for a set that isn't even released yet then you might come across it! We have posted a list of the gear that went missing underneath here and if any one sees any of it pop up on Ebay or down the local market then drop the guys an email (info@flidistribution.co.uk) and they would be very appreciative.

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