French film maker Thierry Donard has spent the best part of the last decade filming extreme sports. Now, for the first time, their film At the Very Last Moment will be screened in 3D in cinemas across the UK. While the film is not entirely about snowboarding, one of the highlights of the movie is the expedition expedition to Greenland, where the crew were faced with epic conditions and amazing cinematographic results, as you can see from the trailer. It is also cool how the film takes a retrospective look at the history of their filming action sports, and also looks at street skating in Annecy, big wave surfing in Portugal and downhill mountain biking from Chamonix. What will be interesting in the film will be to see how the directors portray the cross-over, if any, between the sports. And if that isn't enough to persuade you to check it out, you get a cool set of free 3D glasses, oh yes.

Talking about his film, director Thierry Donard commented: “I wanted to use 3D for the first time in an extreme environment, to communicate what the rider’s experience. I wanted to use 3D to make their experience meaningful to the audience, and it has."

At the Very Last Moment will be released on March 20th in the UK