Injuries suck. Luke Mitrani took a tumble in the pipe a couple of days ago in New Zealand and seriously hurt his back. We're relieved to hear that he's on the mend now though and posted this on his Instagram feed last night:

Hey guys i wanted to let you know im doing much better & the past two days have been terrifying..i fell in the halfpipe two days ago and landed on my back...I was paralyzed for the first minutes...slowly got the feeling back & than got air lifted on a 2 hour helicopter ride to Christchurch... Surgery consisted of them taking part of my hip bone out & than cutting my throat to replace & stabilize my neck (C5)...Thanks to everyone for the love & good vibes!!! Im So grateful to say that im gonna be okay...Appreciate every second of this life while we have it!!! - Squid

It's gotta be a pretty harrowing experience realising that you can't move after taking a fall and we're beyond chuffed that it's looking like Luke will be all sweet in the long run. Here's to a speedy recovery!