It's been fairly well-known for a while, but it seems that the official word is now out: Luke Mitrani has joined Volcom on a head-to-toe endorsement deal.

Luke is the newest addition to a stellar team, joining the likes of Mark Landvik, Gigi Ruf, I-Pod and other world-class pros who ride for the Stone. Recently he's stepped away from the contest circuit to venture into the backcountry under the experienced eye of Bryan Iguchi, who's been singing his praises:

"Coming off a long run of contests he stepped up riding with Gigi and the crew, charging hard," Bryan said of his young charge. "The kid is tech and likes to go big. It was pretty much a crash course on sled access shredding and he killed it."

Maybe it was a result of missing out on the Olympics by one place, or maybe he just wanted a change. Whatever his reasons for the new direction, we're impressed by what we've seen of Luke's backcountry sessions and can't wait to see more. We'll keep you posted....