louie vito flash

And so the inevitable has happened, and Louie Vito’s short and not-so-illustrious ballroom dancing career has come to an end. Despite dressing up like a Spanish Waiter and flouncing his way through several weeks of Foxtrots, Fandangles and Whatjemecallits, Louie’s skills weren’t quite enough for the judges on the Dancing with the Stars – the US equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing.

So we bid a sad and sorry farewell to pronouncements like “the Argentine tango is a good dance for me, I think. It kind of reminds me of the rumba" and look forward to hearing him talk about other, more prosaic stuff like errr halfpipes or uhm Olympic qualifying campaigns. Possibly.

I’m sure the wounds are still too raw and recent for Louie, and we don’t want to rub salt in them, but we have to ask what the experience has actually done for him and his career. It seems to me that if you’re going to compromise your credibility by going on some reality TV show you should at least have the good taste to do a Jack Dee and win the bloody thing…

Anyway, if you want to watch some of the uhm “highlights" of Louie’s all-too-brief career, have a little look here or here.