Lisa has appeared put down tons of great movie parts in the past few years, including this year's all-girls film Stance (which you can watch in full here). Although she was part of the Nikita 'Family' before, having rocked the Icelandic brand's streetwear for years, this is the first time Lisa will be wearing Nikita's technical outerwear.

Ms Filzmoser sounds as stoked to be joining the Nikita crew as they are to have her on-board. She said: “I am super stoked to be on the Nikita Outerwear Team now too! The clothes just stand out, by design and comfort and all the passionate people that are behind it!" Sounds like a match made in heaven.

We interviewed Lisa a little while back, asking her about life in general, snowboarding and sex. To read her answers to our pressing questions, have a look here. We're just looking forward to seeing what she does next.