Next week, almost two years since the halfpipe accident that nearly cost him his life, Kevin Pearce will ride again.

The prodigally talented rider has endured a long, hard slog on the road to recovery, battling everything from distorted vision to memory loss. It's by no means over, but he's about to take the most significant step since his discharge from hospital in April 2010. On Tuesday he'll be heading up to Breckenridge for a slide, and he's inviting anyone and everyone to join him.

While his first thought was apparently to have a couple of easy runs in private, he soon decided to get the word out. Inspired (as most of us were) by the 'I Ride For Kevin' campaign, Kev came to the conclusion that the support shown to him during his recovery would be just the thing for his first day back on a board.

How's that for a piece of good news to finish the week on? If you're in Breckenridge next week, be sure to go welcome him back, and give him a high-five for us. We couldn't be happier for the guy; his easygoing nature is much missed on the TTR circuit, but we're so stoked to have him back on the hill. Salute!