Being the suckers for amusing press releases that we are, we just had to throw this up.

Tired of pushing with the back foot along the flat? Wishing that you could have even more gear to lug around the mountain all day? Or maybe you're a Venetian gondola operator who's concerned about feeling homesick in the mountains? Well the solution is here - the Kahuna Snow SUP!

How did no-one think of this before?! Displaying a fine use of the parlance of our times, Kahuna say they are "stoked to revolutionize the snowboard industry". And why wouldn't they be? Just listen to the rundown of what the SUP (Stand Up Paddle) can help you do! "Ride faster on flats, deeper carves, keep newbies from falling".... They also reckon it's perfect for "XC snowboarding". Mind you, what would these purists think? And all joking aside, we're genuinely curious as to how one of these things can help you "get a whole new steez in terrain parks".

Oh yeah, and then there's this sublime use of Photoshop:

One of these days we'll have to do a rundown of our favourite promos for crazy snow-based contraptions. The Kahuna may be a wrong 'un, but surely it'll take more than a wierd stick to knock this off the top spot.....