Jenny Jones' BBC radio show Extreme keeps on trucking, and this month her action sports round-up featured an interview with fellow Team GB-er Billy Morgan.

Billy, as all but the Amish must know by now, recently became the first snowboarder to land a quad cork - and this is the latest in a long line of mainstream media appearances he's had off the back of it.

Interestingly, Billy suggests that the quad underflip (which was landed by Max Parrot a few days later) is potentially in his wheelhouse too. We don't doubt it, given how he has the triple version on lock. Here's why he said he didn't go for it:

If I'd have done the one Max did, I'd have got ripped for it - because it's mainly backflips, and I've been known as the 'just good at doing backflips' guy. So I'm really glad I did the backside one; that was what, I think, would have been the more 'legitimate' one for me to do

Elsewhere on the show there's a tribute to recently-deceased BASE jumper and wingsuiter Dean Potter, as well as chats with triple-backflipping motocross nut Josh Sheehan and a couple of professional freedivers. Jenny then wrap things up by mucking in with Bristol's roller derby team.