Jenny Jones' radio series on BBC 5 Live keeps on trucking, and in the lastest episode she has a chat with two of slopestyle's biggest names: Stale Sandbech and Mark McMorris.

She gets both riders on the line to talk about the eventful season that they've had so far this year (Mark pipped Stale to X Games gold, while the Norseman returned the favour at the Burton European Open - before both got smoked by Yuki Kadono at the US Open). Stale plays down the rivalry "hype", while McLovin discusses his forthcoming video project and professes - thankfully - not to be working on quad corks... Skip to 27.40 in the video above to hear the interviews.

Jenny also talks about her time on Channel 4 celebrishambles The Jump and previews the Nine Queens event which went down recently in Austria. Away from the snow she chats to a couple of climbers, including a discussion about the gender gap in sports performance and yet another reason to distrust the Daily Mail. There's also a look at gravity biking, a relatively new extreme sport for people with disabilities.

Listen to the whole show above or download it here - and if you missed the debut episode then be sure to check that out too.