Jamie Nicholls in Laax - Photo: Dan Wakeham

Jamie Nicholls has stuck a sick run at the Burton European Open and qualified for the men's finals. Despite being just 16 years old, the young Brit decided to compete in the seniors category - and damn did it pay off. Jamie's first run earned him a score of 69.17, putting him in sixth place, ahead of the likes of last year's TTR champion Peetu Piiroinen!

Although Jamie's slightly lower second-run score meant he slipped down the rankings to tenth, he has still qualified solidly, and will now get the chance to take his place alongside the best in the world in the final.

Reading down the ranking list of Jamie's semi-final gives you an idea of how impressive this achievement actually is - he's beaten Risto Mattila, Olympic bronze medallist Markku Koski, Air & Style Rookie Challenge winner Seppe Smits and the Air & Style Champion (and current TTR number two) Marko Grilc, amongst others. Get in Jamie!