Giant 22ft halfpipe at Perisher, Australia, supposedly built for Winter Olympics champion Shaun White. Photo:

A giant halfpipe has been built in the resort of Perisher, Australia - with rumours suggesting it's an exclusive training facility for two-time Winter Olympic gold medallist and snowboard superstar, Shaun White.

According to Australian newspaper The Herald Sun, White is training on the custom-built halfpipe as we speak. GoPro or Oakley are said to be the sponsors behind the mammoth construction project, as Australian snowboard blog The Tobloggan spotted GoPro logos all over the park.

Tucked away from main view of resort, the halfpipe appears to be 22ft tall - an Olympic standard sized pipe - with dual airbags, rail park and what looks like a big-ass kicker.

Shaun White has won halfpipe gold medals at the last two Winters Olympics. It's widely thought he's looking for a double gold whammy at next year's games in Sochi - in both the slopestyle and halfpipe disciplines.

But building his own private pipe isn't a new move for White. Prior to the Vancouver Games back in 2010, Red Bull constructed a giant halfpipe in Breckenridge, Colorado for the red-haired megastar to practice his double corks in privacy - with access only by helicopter.

Everyone in the resort of Perisher is keeping very hush-hush about any details regarding the mystery halfpipe. Officials are neither confirming nor denying that the pipe is a White creation, reports the Herald Sun.

Despite big machines pushing snow everywhere post-season, Perisher says nah, not much going on.

For a resort to take on such an mega construction project in early spring is extremely rare, unless a huge name like White was behind it. If it is the ginger ninja - and how could it be anyone else? - then it looks likely he's got a fair few tricks up his sleeve that he wants to keep top-secret.

The pressure on White to perform at next year's games is truly immense. But will his extravagant, money-is-not-object approach give him the upper hand at Sochi next February? Only time will tell.

Will it be a progressive move for snowboarding if Shaun White comes up with a set of secret, killer new tricks in his private park at Perisher? Or is his latest lonely training facility bringing Shaun firmly into Wacko Jacko private theme park territory?

Do you think another contender you will blow White's moves out of the park? Let us hear your comments and thoughts below!