As August is nearly through, leaving us all thinking that summer is one big wind up, we may as well forget about it and look to the winter… a far more reliable and gratifying season I think you’ll agree. The crew at the Horsefeathers superpark in Dachstein certainly are, as its only 10 weeks until the first major European event of the winter- the HorseFeathers Pleasure Jam!

The four star TTR kick off tour hits Schladming on the 12th of November and will undoubtedly feature the biggest names in Snowboarding all vying to start their season with a bang, and pocket the coveted $20,000 cheque! Last year Elias Elhardt was the victor in the Slopestyle comp, on his winning run he stomped a front 7, backside1080 Double cork and finished with siiick layed out back flip.

With all the incredible riding we’ve seen coming in from the Summer camps the competition is undoubtedly gona be cranked up a notch!

As well as being able to get totally amped watching the comp, you will be able to Shred the wax of your board at the same time, as large sections of the park will be open to the public

The town will be playing host to over 5,000 people and will be putting on the dopest parties in Europe

So if your itching to get your Shred on we reckon the Dachstein glacier is the place to be, there are over 300 package holidays available for the 3 day event!

Don’t be ashamed if you’ve just freed your own Pleasure Jam!