If you're in London this week, and didn't make it down for Friday night's launch - make sure to swing by the aptly named Crusifix Lane for the HMNNTR collection of shred-art curated by Schoph and Kyle Maynerd.

Featuring work from snowboard/canvas crossovers including Jamie Lynn, Schoph, Maynerd, Corey Smith, Jono Wood, Will Smith, Ben Brough, Mr Dvice, Sly Cooley, Mat Savage and Iuna Tinta, we can well recommend a visit - although you will have now missed the musical stylings of stoner rock outfit Steak which filled the hall at the launch.

You'll also have a missed a little bit of live artwork on the van of very stoked Lib Tech snowboard collector Tim Peacock, who documented the whole thing here, with Jamie Lynn bringing his trademark cat graphics to the streets of Bermondsey (see above for a small snapshot of the project).

Still, there's plenty of sick work on display, and almost everything you'll see down there is for sale. With prices starting at £150, it's not inconceivable that you could end up walking away with a new addition for your plush penthouse apartment/dingy bedroom wall. Just as long as you get in there before johnny-art-collector strips the place clean...

The exhibition will be running until the 8th of August, and you can find it at the address below:

The Underdog Gallery

Arch 6

Crusifix Lane



0207 403 7837

All photos by Mike Brindley