Nikita's response to Laura signing for two years "Yeooow!"

The all-girl brand are ‘ecstatic’ about the new contract- which continues a relationship between the two that has already lasted nearly a decade. With women’s snowboarding progressing faster and pushing harder each season, hard-charging Laura is proud to represent a brand that brings female riders together- and in her own words stands for ‘Chicks who like to keep up with the boys whilst still looking like girls.’

General Manager and Head Designer of Nikita Runar Omarsson and Heida Birgisdottir said; “We‘ve been stoked on having Laura on the Nikita team and are thrilled to renew our contract with her. Not only is she an amazing snowboarder but she‘s also in the business of street fashion with her shop, Fice. Nikita is all about girls who dig snowboarding and street fashion - so we‘re the perfect couple. We look forward to riding with her for years to come!"

We’re all about a partnership like this that promotes style, individuality and good clean fun.

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