You wouldn't think beauty contests really belong in the 21st century, but as Miss Reef and the Nuts event at the Newquay Boardmasters demonstrate, they're still going strong. Sex sells, right? Still, we didn't think there was much call for ladies to be stripping off in the freezing snow... until we heard about the 'Miss Mountain High' event in America. To celebrate the infamous college spring break, the resort took a leaf out of the Cancun school of debauchery and hosted a bikini contest, at which a dozen or so girls paraded their boots (and not much else) for the baying crowd, in the hope of winning a season pass. Local pro Louie Vito was there to cast his, er... experienced eye over the contestants and help pick a winner, eventually plumping for the girl with the most American name in the universe, a Miss Chelsea Robinson (that's the one in pink below, looking chuffed).


Congratulations Chelsea, you have made your father proud. If you'd like to see the mixed bag she beat to the prize, you can see all the shots at the Snowboarder Magazine website. And if all this bikini action has got you thinking about why it always looks a bit weird when sex is mixed with snow, check out this great article from the Illicit Snowboarding blog...