Yesterday saw the traveling circus that is the Volcom 9191 Premiere Tour roll into London, bringing with it a precious copy of one of the most exciting snowboard films of the last few years. And Gigi Ruf. Whitelines spent the time before the main event interviewing 9191's star for the next issue, and persuading him to wear various silly hats as he posed for portraits. The hype surrounding the film itself was such that the Volcom guys could've sold all their tickets twice over, and the cinema was packed out with snowboarders of all ages. And of course Andrew Wood, the lucky winner of our ticket giveaway comp.

The film itself is short, clocking in at just over 20 minutes, but it's packed with more bangers than a sausage factory. Gigi's riding made the cinema-goers gasp, literally. The vocal shred-head sitting to my left spent at least half the movie whooping and shouting "Yes" as the pint-sized Austrian wonder stomped trick after insane trick. With an exclusive and impressively varied original score by Baron, and supporting cast that includes the likes of Jake Blauvelt, Nicholas Muller, Bryan Iguchi and Terje Haakonsen the action never lets up. Keep an eye out for Pacific Northwesterner Blair Habenicht's sections, which amazingly manage to standout in an incredible film.

After the credits rolled and the crowd clapped, it was time to head for the afterparty, where the real shennanigans started... These few photos should tell you all you need to know.

Nice one Volcom for hosting the event, and keep your eyes peeled for the full Gigi interview in the next issue...