Gigi Ruf came to London on Tuesday, bringing his bangin' new film 9191 with him and putting on a premiere at the Prince Charles Theatre on Leicester Square. Whitelines spent the day with him snapping photos for the interview in our forthcoming issue. Some time before he came to London, Gigi kicked up some spray and bagged this sick shot, which is the desktop wallpaper for this week.

Yesterday we launched a competition to Win a brand new Ride Society Snowboard, which (though we say so ourselves) is pretty sick cos all we're asking you to do is hit the 'Like' button on our Facebook page! Meanwhile Burton have been posting a load of new videos on the web, and we've been sharing the best of them, including this sweet-looking powder line from Terje Haakonsen.

Speaking of powder, have a look at this crew of Kiwis who went sledding in search of it recently. OK so it might all be sponsored by a bizarrely-named beer brand, but damn they make it look like fun. The Isenseven crew always look like they're having fun, and this video diary from their trip to Southern California is no exception. Check out the sweet front 1 to tail press!

And just this morning, the teaser for a brand new French film dropped, and it looks like it's gonna be a banger - literally! All of that in just one week? Not bad eh.

Fingers crossed we'll have the fix up and running again by next Friday. Oh, and for those of you who miss the 'And Finally...' here's a random video of a dog erm getting the wrong end of the stick.