Hemel have been running a film comp and the entries are all up online now. The filming was all done at the DC demo night on the 6th of November at the Snow Centre so the level of riding was good and the guys at the snow centre have said that "the quality of filming and editing the entrants have showcased has exceeded all of our expectations."

All the videos are being showcased Youtube here.

The winners win a season freestyle pass to the Snowcentre to allow the talented folks a chance to carry on riding and filming. There will be 2 winners, one chosen by the elite panel consisting of "the Snow Centre’s director of snowsports Pete Gillespie, The Snow Centre’s park shapers and diggers with attitude, The DWA, and renowned snowsports film maker Gendle from Lockdown Projects." The second winner will be decided on by the number of hits received on Youtube so all the entrants are encourage to publicize their film to all they know