Above: Severin Van Der Meer boosts through a cloud in Nendaz, Four Valleys. Photo: Matt Georges.

Further good news from Switzerland for next winter as, following on from the announcement of their their 274 pound/30 resort season pass, they announce an ace deal for riders under 25.

This time the deal covers resorts in the Four Valleys normally under the Mont 4 Card (standard price £1124), with the new price for under 25s standing at just £320.

You have to have been born 1993 and 2010 to qualify (under 6s already go free), and the offer only stands on sales between September 1 and November 30, 2017, but as for anyone thinking of seeking out some freeride opportunities on the cheap this winter, it's an unmissable opportunity.

If you're keen on mountain biking or just summer in the mountains, the deal's made even sweeter by the fact that this is a year's pass, carrying you right through those sunnier months too.

Get yourself over to the Mont4Card site between the given dates to get hold of one for yourself.