OK, so videos of snowboard premieres are always full of drunken industry dudes saying how amazing the film was, but having been to a few ourselves and reading between the lines of the reactions from America in this clip, I think the new Forum film is looking genuinely promising. In particular, people seem well impressed by John Jackson's part, and while we've yet to witness it for ourselves, we've seen some still shots from his trip to Alaska and they are off the god damn chain!

More details have emerged of the London premiere on 30th September, and it now looks like there will be a rider signing at TSA Covent Garden before the party. Here's the rest of the skinny...


30 September at 19:30 - 01 October at 01:00


Grand Union, Brixton

123 Acre lane, Brixton , SW2 5UA

London, United Kingdom


Special Guests

Andreas Wiig, John Jackson, Nic Sauve, Daniel Ek, and Alek Oestreng will be on hand "to help clean the bar out of liquids and generally show London how it's done!"


"The Drunken Masters" will be setting the decks on fire with their world renowned mixing skills. If you haven't had the pleasure of hearing this duo play, you're in for a treat.


FREE! Entry is on a first come first served basis and if anyone changes their Facebook profile picture to the F...IT image, you will be handed a special prize on the night.

Excited? Here's another look at the Forum F** It teaser, just to get you properly frothing...

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