Will John Jackson be able to put down another world-beating part in this year's movie?

The folks over at Forum are obviously stoked on being able to put out another team movie, the latest in a long line of ground-breaking snowboard films which stretches all the way back to 2000's The Resistance. And seeing as their last effort, Forum Forever won best film, and got John Jackson the best rider and best video part gongs at the Transworld Rider Awards, we're pretty damn excited to see what they've come up with as well.

And as for that title? Well here's what the Forum guys had to say about it:

"There are those who submit to Mother Nature or Murphy and his laws, but this project is dedicated to those who refuse to surrender and in the face of adversity have one solution for every problem … F’ It.

1. It’s overcast and didn’t snow as much as the forecast promised? F’ It. Wake up at 5am and sit in the clouds.

2. Just got broken off? F’ It. Send in the Youngbloods.

3. The cops shut you down after you set up the zone and were about to drop? F’ It. Go back at 3am.

4. The Canadian Border banned you from entering while it’s dumping in Whistler? F’ It. Pay a lawyer as much as it costs to fix it.

5. Your snowmobile just blew up in the alpine? F’ It. Light up the credit card on rental charges until it’s fixed.

6. You just flew across the country and the three feet of snow that was in the city melted overnight? F’ It. Pack up and drive all night to the next zone.

7. Sprained ankle? Broken back? Fractured foot? Blown shoulder? Concussion? Broken ribs? Sprained pelvis? Shattered heel? F’ It. Injuries happen … keep going.

F’ It is the 7th team-inspired film brought to you by Special Blend, Forum and Foursquare. Filmed in several locations around the world from Lake Tahoe CA and Whistler BC to Buffalo NY, Finland, Japan and more, see what happens when the guys say F’ It and do whatever it takes to keep going."