As you read this, Jonny Russell and his possy are busy lovingly sculpting the course for the second ever 'Fivers 4 Tranny' event - set to go down at Snozone Castleford this Friday.

Rather than being a competition per se, five pound notes (200 in total) will be handed out willy nilly to riders that stomp shit and slam hard. Everyone loves fivers, everyone loves trannys (yes, even the tall, hairy legged ones with big hands...), everybody wins.

The course, which will include all manner of trannys to take off and land on, a brand new unfinished brick effect wallride feature called 'the wallride of mild peril' and perhaps best of all, a 360 degree eurocarve ditch (!), is shaping up to be even bigger and even better than last year's - no mean feat considering what was whipped up back then:

Like last year, there will be a live band (the brilliantly named Bong Cauldron) playing on the slope and also like last year there will be free beer, snacks (pork pies and crisps) and a bunch of Monster all evening to keep energy levels high.

Fun-loving Yank jibber Jake Olson-Elm is jetting in to ride at the event and help dish out fivers and other prizes from dalikfodda, Lobster and Thirty Two.

Will Jamie Nicholls be crowned Tranny Finder General for the second year in a row? Only one way to find out eh?

Don't miss this event on Friday, it starts at 8pm, runs until death and is gonna properly go off!