At the same time Eddie has also been snapped up by Weekend's associated clothing company Bond Outerwear, making him the latest member of a talent-packed team that features Heikki Sorsa and TJ Schneider.

Eddie rides off a monster booter next to Ken Block's rally car in DC's movie MTN Lab 1.5 - Photo: DC

Eddie, who had a rather fine pro-model from Forum this year, is best known for his urban-shredding skills. But, as his parts in the Forum film That, the DC film Mountain Lab 1.5 and this year's Forum Forever showed, there's a lot more to this man than gnarly street rails and nasty concrete bails. Eddie's no slouch over big-ass backcountry booters either, as his part from That, which you can watch below, shows.

Whether Eddie jumped or whether he was pushed, he seems to have taken a pretty casual attitude to changing sponsors. At least according to the boys at Weekend, who gave us this account of how it went down:

"It was a rainy day around Weekend HQ last week. Our good friend Eddie Wall stopped on in to 'chew the fat' as they say, so we decided to lay it all on the line and see if we could make things interesting. The bet was set, if Eddie could not finish 3 crackers in 30 seconds, he would ride for Weekend."

It appears Eddie lost, despite his best efforts to cram his mouth full of crackers. That said, there's no way Eddie can be bummed about riding for Weekend and Bond, as both of them have really sick ranges out this year - so if you see a particularly fly-looking rider ripping up rails this year, there's a good chance it'll be Eddie showing off his new kit.