The latest in bizarre snow-related stories after last week's announcement that the 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing, an area with practically no naturally occurring snow: now Dubai has announced that it plans to break Landgraaf's record for the largest indoor snow facility by building a new 1200m ski slope, right in the middle of a 45°C desert...

Their current 'double black diamond' indoor resort is 400m long, over twice the length of your typical UK snowdome, but the new one will be at least three time the length of that. Basically, it'll be twice as big as all the UK's facilities lined up end to end!

So... Why exactly is this going ahead? We can only assume it's "because DUBAI!" Even this bit of ridiculousness pales by comparison to some of the seabed dredging they've done to create their famous man-made islands. Anyone up for a trip? Ironically, it'll be the 'coolest' way of contributing to global warming yet.