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Just like how Charlie uncovered a life-changing little sliver of gold in an unassuming chocolate bar in the classic Roald Dahl novel, we're delighted to announce that lucky Whitelines reader Despina Curtis had her own similar experience, uncovering the Golden Ticket hidden in a single copy of Whitelines issue 106.

Despina will be whisked off to Winterpark, Colorado courtesy of Crystal Ski, where she and her chosen companion (we've heard she'll be accepting bribes...) will spend 7 nights in a pimpin’ condo at the Zephyr Mountain Lodge and have free reign to explore the 3,000 acres of rideable terrain, 143 pistes and over 1,000 acres of patrolled backcountry.

"Come on Despina, hold onto the ticket! Run for it Despina - run straight home and don't stop 'til you get there!"