What with winter coming round and all, the mainstream press are all starting to talk snowboarding - so Radio 5 Live has been interviewing Dan Wakeham and Jenny Jones! Unfortunately neither of them really gets to let rip on the scandal that is the UK's snowboarding funding being axed completely, but at least there's some discussion about all the young talent coming through - though no suggestion about how that talent can be developed without any money. Still, at least Dan manages to get in a few digs at skiing's expense before getting shut down: "Snowboarding's more fun, yeah! I mean you think about skiing, you just go left, right, left..." you tell 'em Dan! Listen to the full show on the BBC's iPlayer here (it'll be live for the next week), and if you wanna skip all the crap about skeleton bob and stuff, the snowboard chat starts at about 45 minutes in.