So while the riding in this edit isn't exactly going to blow you away, it does look like these campers had heck of a lot of fun out in Whistler and it's well worth a watch if you're considering signing up for a snowboard instructor course out in Canada.

Core Snowboard Camps offer a variety of freeride, freestyle and instructor camps out in Whistler and as a graduate from one such camp myself a few years back I can personally vouch for how fun they are. I actually went from being barely able to make it down red runs to being a level 2 Casi certified instructor in 5 months, although I did happen to be an unusually gifted student ;) In my opinion, and I may be a little biased, Whistler is one of the best places to do one of these camps at, with two enormous world class mountains that you'll still be finding new spots on at the end of the season, a whole load of powder and amazing nightlife to go with it.