As the dull summer days chug on by without a glimmer of sun, we look forward to the upcoming snow season. For some people this means the 1 or 2 week holiday whilst for others this is the start of something special as they dive in head first into a whole season of just them and snow.

For some people though it's a tad different. Here at Whitelines HQ we received an interesting email from a Mr Kieran Sharp. Here's what he wrote:


Hows it going? Was wondering if you could help with a little project ive got going on; im trying to get the company of mont blanc to authorise building a half pipe in chamonix for the next winter and beyond. They already have a pipe dragon and a team that could shape it but the funds are spent on maintaining the pistes. someone has already gone to the company asking for the same thing and tried to get sponsorship for the pipe but they also refused this.

Im trying to get a substansial amount of people behind this and really put a lot of pressure on the company to get it sorted, and get with the times.

Well we'll definitely spread the word Kieran as another half pipe wouldn't hurt anyone and seeing as it's just a short plane ride over the UK scene would get a tasty boost.

Chamonix Halfpipe Facebook Group. There's the know what to do