Chances are that Scott Stevens and Jess Kimura probably won't destroy the UK, but on the off chance that they do, it's probably worth heading down to one of the Capita UK tour stops before they mercilessly gun us all down. Meeting your maker and all that...

Seriously though, the Capita team rip and have been known to be all round good guys and gals consisting of Tarquin Robbins, Calum Paton, Ollie Plumley, Henry Jackson, Jordy Gee, Billy Neilson, Rio Peterson and Emily Williams. They'll be traipsing around the country in a mere 6 days trying to get you to Defend the Awesome (if you don't they'll probably devour you) so you've got to be quick to catch them.


WEDNESDAY 31st OCTOBER Noahs Ark Signing Session from 3-4pm ATB Signing Session from 5-6pm Snowtrax Slope and signing session from 7:30pm

THURSDAY 1ST NOVEMBER SS20 Signing session from 12-1pm Conspiracy Signign session from 2-3pm Snow and Rock Birmingham Signing session from 5-6pm Tamworth Snowsome Slope session from 8pm

FRIDAY 2ND NOVEMBER XC HEMEL Informal skate chill session from 2pm Snow and Rock Signing session from 6-7pm Hemel store The Snow Centre slope session from 8pm

SATURDAY 3RD NOVEMBER The Ski and Snowboard Show Guest appearances, signing session, Q&A and judging comps from 10am, at London Earls Court

SUNDAY 4TH NOVEMBER Subvert and Snow and Rock Signing session at Manchester, Chill Factore from 6pm Chill Factore Slope session Girls v Boys competition from 8pm

MONDAY 5TH NOVEMBER Cab5 Signing session from 12-1pm S4 Signing session from 2-3pm Freeze Pro Shop Signing session from 5-6pm Glasgow Snow Factor Slope session from 8pm