Choice, they say, is the bane of modern life. Everywhere we go we're confronted with a gazillion options, from what type of cereal to have for breakfast to the seat trimming in your new car. It's enough to fry your head. And nowhere is this array of choice more dizzying than in Burton's massive range of snowboard outerwear. To simplify the process, and make choosing your next jacket and pant a bit more fun, they've launched a new online product selector called 'The Great Outfitter'. You can narrow down your shortlist by colour or fit, and see how the jackets and pants look together on a rotating conveyor type thingy. All in all, a great way to waste an hour or so you should be working. Whether it'll actually make the buying process easier, or conversely leave you banging your head on your desk cos you can't decide whether to eliminate 'red' from your colour options, is another matter!