Americans Chas Guldemond and Jamie Anderson cleaned house north of the border as they took gold in the 2012 Burton Canadian Open slopestyle.

Chas earned his ten grand with a run that featured (deep breath) a frontside lipslide, backside 180 to 360 Out, half-cab 180 backside 180, switch backside 900, backside double-cork 1080, backside rodeo 900 and a cab 270-on backside lipslide to frontside boardslide. His countrymen Justin Morgan and Brandon Reis ensured that it was red, white and blue on the podium.

Last year's champ Jamie Anderson won the womens' slopestyle yet again thanks to a nailing 3 of the 4 540s. Her run was as follows: boardslide, tailslide 270-out, tailslide to fakie, cab 540, backside 540, switch backside 5 and tailgrab to backside 50-50 to back 1-out. Swiss miss Sina Candrian took second, while Kiwi Stefi Luxton rounded out the podium in third. Stefi's in 3rd in the overall TTR ranking too, behind Jamie and fellow NZ shredder Shelly Gotlieb.


1. Chas Guldemond (USA)

2. Justin Morgan (USA)

3. Brandon Reis (USA)

1. Jamie Anderson (USA)

2. Sina Candrian (SUI)

3. Stefi Luxton (NZL)