Japanese shred sensation Ryo Aono took gold in the 2012 Burton Canadian Open mens' halfpipe, with Spaniard Queralt Castellet scooping the equivalent prize in the womens' event.

Queralt's last hit was a frontside 1080, making her only the second female to put a 10 down in pipe competition. With the rest of her run boasting a frontside 900, backside 5, frontside 5 and backside air, even the hugely experienced Gretchen Bleiler couldn't get ahead and had to settle for second. Ellery Hollingsworth took third.

Ryo Aono held off the Finnish double threat of Markus Malin and Janne Korpi to take yet another victory in the pipe. Cab 1080, frontside 540, backside 900, frontside 1080 and cab 720 - no wonder this guy's being called the next Kazuhiro Kokubo. Both he and fellow winner Queralt are now sitting pretty atop the TTR halfpipe rankings.


1. Ryo Aono (FIN)

2. Markus Malin (FIN)

3. Janne Korpi (FIN)

1. Queralt Castellet (ESP)

2. Gretchen Bleiler (USA)

3.Ellery Hollingsworth (USA)