Well what a way to kick off the Brits week here in Tignes!

It's been Bangers and Cash all day here with the first event sponsored by Route One - and, much like the weather, there's been plenty of heat out on the hits.

Divvied up into Under 16 and Over 16 categories, an open jam format took up most of the day with three hours to impress the judges - before a half-hour(ish) Final, which was inevitably extended to allow everyone to throw down their best.

Lewis Sonvico took the top spot on the men's podium - rodeo-ing the gap over the flat-down rail into the landing of the rocket rail - clearing a younger competitor and Whitelines' photographer in the process; and styling out tapped tricks off the rocket rail to stoke out the crowd.

Trinder also impressed throughout the day with rodeo 7's off the rocket and an array of the usual skills. John Weatherley meanwhile grabbed bronze, charging through the course with ample speed and skill through the rails.

Men's Podium

1st - Lewis Sondvico

2nd - Jamie Trinder

3rd - John Weatherley

Women's Podium

1st - Ella Fry-Taylor

2nd - Gillian Finnerty

3rd - Amelia Fisher

Under 16s Male

1st - Ciaran Tucker

2nd - Scott Walsh

3rd - Bradley Rowell

Under 16s Female

1st - Cerys Allen

2nd - Maisie Hill

3rd - Bradie Zimmer-Collins

More shots from Bangers and Cash Below