Billy Morgan Brits 2011 Snowboard Slopestyle

The Brits crowned a new slopestyle champion today, as Billy Morgan won the 2011 Championships. In the woman's contest, it was a more familiar face that stood on top of the podium as Laura Berry took the title. On yet another bright, sunny day in Laax the riders were given perfect conditions in which to whip out their best tricks - and damn did they step up. In the men's final, all three of the top finishers whipped out double flips, Sam Turnbull cranking out his recently-learned double corks to massive cheers! In the end though, despite his impressive bag of tricks, Billy Morgan's huge and super-clean final run was enough to knock Sam into second place - with a double back, and two nines over the kickers. Scott Penman, who was riding really strongly throughout the day, took a well-deserved third place with a run that included a double frontflip over the first booter. Seriously, that's where the standard of UK riding is at these days.

Group Brits 2011 Slopestyle 2
Scott Penman Brits 2011 Slopestyle 1

The women's result marked a welcome comeback from Laura Berry, who has spent the last couple of seasons struggling with a string of unfortunate (and quite serious) injuries. Alongside her, several of the new young generation of UK shredders were ripping hard, with Katie Blundell coming second and Nathalie Silkstone taking the third place medal.

Simon Cudlip Brits 2011 Snowboard Slopestyle kicker

Young guns were pushing hard in the men's fnal as well, with Rowan Coultas looking impressively controlled as he hurled himself off the biggest booters. Simon Cudlipp was also riding well. As another Brits draws to a close, with the riding standard raised once again at all age levels, it seems safe to say that the future for British snowboarding looks bright.

British Protest Slopestyle Championships Results


1st Billy Morgan

2nd Sam Turnbull

3rd Scott Penman


1st Laura Berry

2nd Katie Blundell

3rd Nathalie Silkstone