Photos: Neil McGrain

If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself.... Danny and Matt McCormick know more than most about dryslope competitions. Between them and their skier brother Chris, they've won just about all of them. Seeing an opportunity for a new summer comp at their local slope of Bearsden, the brothers (and dad Gerry) took it upon themselves to put together Go Big Or Go Home. Before long, word had spread that this would be one not to miss.

Just like Dawn Of The Shred, the long journey up to Scotland didn't deter one Jamie Nicholls, who turned up to get involved and reconnect with his dryslope roots. From the other direction came Aberdeen's Fin Bremner, who edged out local boy Brandon Bow to take the 12-and-under category. In the female competition it was yet another victory for Orla Doolin, holding off Vaila Chapman for the win.

The comp was definitely a treat for the spectators, not least when Marc McClement and Jesse Smith started going for doubles off the kicker! Marc couldn't quite stomp his double backflips (which almost became double rodeos), but Jesse went where few have gone before and nailed a double frontflip on dryslope, to huge cheers from the crowd.

Good as the battle of the doubles was , the main event was the battle of the McCormicks. Danny's got to be one of the UK's best riders, but even he couldn't match his younger brother Matt. With back 7 double grabs, back 9s and huge quarterpipe cripplers, Matt scooped top spot in both his age category and overall. Otherworldly talents in both shredding and contest organsing - they're like a two-headed David Benedek!

So there you have it - a rider-conceived, rider-run event on a rainy June afternoon produces what Jamie called "probably the best dryslope competition ever to go down!" It just shows you what's possible with a lot of passion and hard graft. Hats off to the McCormicks as well as all the sponsors, supporters and riders who made the day such a success. Don't forget to check out Salomon's video of the event.


12 and under 13-16 Open Female

1. Fin Bremner 1. Matt McCormick 1.Matt McCormick 1. Orla Doolin

2. Brandon Bow 2. Sam McGrath 2. Danny McCormick 2. Vaila Chapman

3. Joe Gardner 3. Marc McClement