Becky Menday has continued her strong competition form by winning the 3 star TTR Protest French Fries World Rookie Fest. The comp was the second leg of the World Rookie Tour and the worlds best grooms descended on Avoriaz in sub zero conditions. The Arctic-like weather though proved no distraction for a hardy Brit contingent, which included Becky, Nathalie Silkstone (5th overall), Maisie Potter (3rd overall) and Ayla Thidling.

Becky's winning run included a backside 3, a tweaked nosegrab, a tweaked method and a solid rail section, scoring her 130 points, which was the highest score across all the categories. She said: "I was so pleased to be first, I was already really happy with my run, but too not only be on the podium but first overall was so exciting. I was disappointed to fall on my first run, so I just wanted to pull everything off on my second run."