This year it seems is going to be a pretty low key year for UK music festivals. The Olympics means that there is going to be an unprecedented demand for porta-loos (yeah really) so big name fests, including Glastonbury, are having a well deserved year off. This means that the choice for us party goers has somewhat dwindled. Never fear! It looks like the party is heading to the hills instead.

Along with the Brits and Snowbombing, a new music/snow festival has raised its dubby head. Basscamp Festival, to be held in Morzine between 2-6 April, is the latest in a growing roster of such festivals, where us white stuff and electro lovers can get our fill of both. This is it's first year and will be christened by artists such as Floamo and the Correspondents . There are also plans for a massive back to the 80s street party on the last night to blow out the festival in true neon style. All of this coupled with the awesomeness of Morzine means that there could be many worse places to spend your time.

Prices start from 100 euros which includes access to all the nights. There are also numerous accommodation options available on the website, with the cheapest around 95 euros per person. There are also seasonnaires discounts available.