This may be the strangest story of the year so far. The powers behind next year's World Showboard Championships in Oslo have decided that they need a musician to effectively 'score' the event, creating songs for everything from the overall theme tune to the prizegiving. Lord knows what criteria they laid out for the selection process, but they've made a decision - Andrew W.K.

The press release is quite a thing. Just check out this excerpt:

He is one of the worlds greatest singer/songwriters, he hosts a children’s TV pyrotechnic game show on Cartoon Network, he holds motivational speeches at places like Yale, Harvard, and the Soho area of London, and he tours the world with his eminent rock ‘n’ roll band.

One of the world's greatest singer/songwriters?! Sure, Party Hard is something of a guilty pleasure of ours, taking us back to reading Kerrang! on a Wednesday morning before school. But with lyrics like "You, You work all night (all night) / And when you work you don't feel all right / And when, when things stop feeling all right (all right) / and everything is all right", I don't think Bob Dylan's going to be losing any sleep....

Anyway, refresh your memory with the Party Hard music video, then tell us what you think of this development. Is he a good choice? Does the WSC even need musical accompaniment? Have at it.