If you were a reader of the magazine back in 2005/6, you might remember Whitelines ran a contest in collaboration with Heavenly resort to design a new freestyle obstacle which they would build in their snowboard park. We got all kinds of crazy entries, from spiral staricase rails to TV wallrides. Well, Analog have only gone and stolen the idea haven't they?! OK, so maybe not (the guys in their Cali HQ probably weren't paying that much attention to our humble UK contest) but just so you know, we thought of it first alright?

Basically, the 'Design Unlikely Features' contest is a similar deal: you, the public, come up with weird and wonderful ideas for a park feature, and they'll build it. The contest has been running over in the States for a year or so - hence the video above - and has proved so popular they've decided to bring it over to Europe (we could've told them that!). First prize is a trip to two to Avoriaz and a whole load of Analog kit - not to mention the small matter of seeing and riding your creation in the flesh. For details on how to enter hit more.

Upload your entries to www.analogclothing.com/designunlikelyfeatures/submit-a-feature or draw it on a napkin and send it old school to:


Design Unlikely Features Contest

z.a de Pedebert

180 av. des menuisiers

40150 Soorts-Hossegor


For all the official rules and regulations check out www.analogclothing.com/designunlikelyfeatures