Eyewear brand Shred (as well as back protection sister brand Slytech) recently hit us up with the news that they have added Alvaro Vogel to their snowboard roster. Alva has been filming with Antti Autti and the Car Danchi crew out in Japan this season and just had time to pick up his Stupefy goggles and BACKPRO XT Lite back protector before jetting straight out to Canada for more filming.

After 5 days of riding, he had this to say about the goggles:

This frame is awesome! The lenses are super resistant and my lenses are always crystal clear, no matter what.

He'd hardly say they were shit now would he? We've heard Alva's not one to spout fibs though so we'll take his word for it this time ;) Alva will also be playing a role in the development of future products in the Shred/Slytech ranges such as the Hydraback PRO XT which is a unique two-in-one hydration/protection system.